One Billion Marks

I have found myself a bit over-booked this past year. So my artwork time has been hard to preserve. But I took on this image for our family holiday letter, without really thinking how hard that beagle would be. One billion pen strokes later, here are our buddies, #vivithespinone and Charlie our 14-year-old beagle+? They suggest choosing peace. But then, they sometimes choose to eat poop. Happy holidays to you and all of your fur family!

Everything on sale!

We have raised more than $100US together, and sent our first check off to the Spinone Health Foundation! Yay you!

Today Society6, our product maker and shipper offers all their products at 25% discount including these great carry-all bags! They come in a set of three handy sizes and available in three designs.

The storefront has been redesigned. Click on a product with an image you like then scroll to the bottom to see all the products available in with that illustration.

Get your puppy swag while helping the foundation gather more important data for our lovely breed.


And next came Stella! I’ve been admiring Stella and Sadie on Instagram (@sadieandstellainthecity) for a while now. Stella is an 8-year-old Spinone, Sadie is a 15-year-old Tibetan Terrier. They are both California girls living the city life in L.A.

Stella is a beauty with a great big kissable nose. When I wasn’t sure if I could capture all the ways light hits a white Spinone, I thought first of Stella, and worked to capture her locks. Her mom says I captured her, so that makes me happy.

There’s plenty of Stella swag on the store. Grab some and support good causes! lives!

Okay! Well, It begins with a simple sketch of #vivithespinone, my 6-month-old Brown Roan pup, posted on the Spinone Owner’s forum on Facebook, where we engage in a lot of SpononeLove, and get loads of help learning about the care and feeding of this amazing and ancient breed. My breeder wanted a print to frame. And  another owner wanted a hoodie. And greeting cards. And t-shirts Etc.

All the stuff the other breed and rescue owners enjoy. Why shouldn’t we?

One long, muddy walk with Vivi, a conversation with my wonderful breeder about where to donate proceeds, and voila. A plan is hatched.

To wit: SpinoneLove exists to provide desirable Italian Spinone/Spinone Italiano swag whose proceeds raise funds for the Spinone Health Foundation and Humane Society International, and the shelter where my breeder works as a veterinarian.

We will keep a running count of the dollars we have been able to donate together. Look for it in the About page.

I have chosen as the maker and deliverer of these products because they have a wonderful reputation for making great products. I reserve the right to switch providers at any time I deem necessary — for instance, if you aren’t getting great service, or if the quality of the product begins to suffer.

This is just the beginning. More to come!